If you are a commercial property owner, real estate investor, or a tenant leasing a commercial property, you’ve come to the right place. Or, if you represent a national commercial brokerage firm looking for representation on PEI you’ve also come to the right place.

Provincial Commercial Realty is PEI’s largest commercial real estate brokerage.

Anyone can list a property or help someone find a property. What matters most is the return on investment you get from your deal. And the factor that most influences return on investment is the price. That’s true whether you are buying, selling or leasing.

At Provincial, we specialize in negotiating superior deals on commercial properties to get you the best price and terms possible.

That’s an easy thing to say of course. In fact, everyone says that. The difference is that we have the track record to back it up. Not just working for clients, but for our own portfolio as well.

As one of PEI’s largest privately owned landlords and one of the largest property managers, we understand how to negotiate real estate because that’s what we do. Day in and day out. With our own money at stake. Whether it’s the acquisition or sale of an income property, apartment building, commercial building, land or the negotiation of a lease……we’ve done it.

In fact, that’s precisely why we started Provincial – to help other like-minded business people by sharing the expertise gained from years of experience both on and off PEI.

Our reputation has also made us the brokerage of choice for national commercial brokerages when selling national portfolios that include properties in Prince Edward Island.

Don’t go it alone. An experienced commercial REALTOR® can help you get the highest return on investment possible, while avoiding costly mistakes.